Julie-Anne Bridge – Support Coordinator

Support Coordinator

Julie has recently completed her Bachelor Science (Psychology) and is currently progressing through her honours year with a scheduled completion date of February 2023. In addition Julie completed her Bachelor Business (Human Resource Management) in 2019.
Julie has worked in multiple government departments, Mine sites but particularly notable the health industry supporting all allied health and child health services including ATODS.
Julie has a strong interest in working with vulnerable people and children to help them overcome barriers in the modern world.

Julie is motivated to assist clients to:
Be empowered;
Improve lifestyles;
Build Capability;
Support functional capacity;
Achieve personal goals set by individuals;
Identify and overcome barriers;
Build resilience;
Create simplified, safe, enjoyable and able lifestyles
Identify and overcome risks.

In Julie’s spare time, she enjoys time with her four children, furthering her education, playing Netball and pottering in the garden.

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