Janine Clark – Senior Social Worker

Senior Social Worker . Case Manager . Support Coordinator

Janine brings to the role of Social Worker a wealth of experience in the community services sector.  Janine is an accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers.  Janine has a long work history of over 20 years as a Social Worker with the Qld Public Sector and NGO sector, in both QLD and Victoria, working alongside vulnerable individuals; adults, children and young people. This has included roles as the Disability Advisor for CQUniversity, and Social Worker in the Adult and Community Support Services and Family and Early Childhood Service with Disability Services (previously DSQ, pre-NDIS).  Janine’s passions lay with empowering people to exercise choice and dignity of risk, and enjoy self-determination and connection with others, so that they can live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Janine has previously provided Social Work services to adults and children with disability and their parents and carers, in various capacities, with a focus on enhancing people’s participation and inclusion in the community.  Prior to joining Rehability Australia, Janine was an experienced Social Worker spanning both Human Service and Central agencies and Family and Community Services, Disability Services and Child Protection.

Janine has a strong commitment to effective community engagement (Build a community, inspire people, and keep the conversation going).  Janine has an endless determination to bring about social change and eliminate stigma, correct societal misconceptions and address systemic injustices and inequality through maintaining a person-centred approach in her practice framework and embracing difference and diversity, both inside the organisation and in partnership with external stakeholders.

Janine values the following elements as cornerstones for her work with individuals, families and children and other important stakeholder’s:

  • Respect for Persons. Social Justice.  Professional Integrity (AASW).
  • Privacy and Dignity.
  • Acknowledging that we are all part of the ‘human experience’ – we have a shared ‘human-ness’.
  • Collaboration/Teamwork.
  • Problem Solving/Critical Thinking.
  • Reflection & Application.


In this role, Janine’s aim is to support Rehability Australia to support people to achieve optimal independence, build capacity and skills, and achieve improved daily living by offering Specialist Social Work, Case management, Support Coordination and Holistic / Biopsychosocial Assessments and reporting.

Janine is a relationship builder and a strong collaborator known for her friendly, energetic can-do attitude.

When Janine isn’t with participants and stakeholders, behind her desk or in meetings, she’s an avid listener of true crime podcasts, loves spending time with her family, including her husband, her mother, a young son who lives with ASD and 3 teenaged stepsons.  Janine is also a forever mum to her rescued miniature fox terrier, Milli, adopted caboodle, Sprocket, and ragdoll cat, Alfalfa Trickelton.

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