Angela Richardson – Senior Social Worker

Senior Social Worker . Case Manager . Support Coordinator

Senior Social Worker/ Support Coordinator/ Case Manager

Angela is a qualified Social Worker, member of the AASW and registered DVA Social Work provider.  She brings over 10 years’ experience working within both the disability sector and working with children, youth and families through the foster care system. Angela utilises her knowledge and skill to provide case management for vulnerable adults and children, applying a supportive, therapeutic client-centered approach to her daily interactions.

Angela’s skills and expertise include the provision of detailed biopsychosocial assessment, to determine need and approach; stakeholder engagement, linking clients with clinical service providers and monitoring and managing relationships so that they meet the needs of her clients; clinical injury education, to assist adults and children to cope in their homes and in the community and adjust to acquired impairments; and advocacy, to uphold the rights of vulnerable people in need.  Angela has a special interest in managing complex family relationships and diversity. As a social worker, Angela values collaborative practice and works to empower individuals to achieve their life goals.

Areas of Speciality

  • Acquired disability
  •  Family and youth
  • Case Management
  • Complex rehabilitation
  • Catastrophic injury management

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